Links to stuff we like

Places to dance...

We regularly play at Ceilidh Club - come along to experience some lively ceilidh action.

Why not track us on Songkick to find out when we're next playing? It's a great site to keep track of when your favourite bands play near you.

If you want to try some more advanced Scottish dancing, why not investigate the RSCDS? Either the London Branch or our friends at the Berkhamstead Stathspey & Reel Club if you live in these parts. Or try the London Highland Club.

Some other things we do...

Our caller Malcolm runs a business FerrisLayRose selling fantastic quality kilt socks.

Malcolm is also a tea specialist - have a look at his website.

Our drummer Andy runs a record label specialising in dance music (no, not Scottish dance!) - check out Ground Level.

Other cool stuff...

Our friend Simon Whitea made our great black and white video taken at Hammersmith. Simon's a great photographer and videographer and is available for weddings and other events.

Lochnagar emerged (like a phoenix) from the Invercauld band after Invercauld relocated to Jersey. They're still going strong, and some of us pop over the water to join them for an occasional gig.

Ed from Ceilidh Club runs a company called NicNacNoo that sells some lovely natural wooden organic toys.

The Highlands and Islands Society of London organises events for those with an interest in the culture and social customs of the Highlands and Islands.

Rik Pennington is a wedding photographer based in London - he took a couple of photos on our website.

Aneta Mak is a great wedding photographer, definitely worth a look at her stunning photos.

Our photographer friend Jim Green is based in Derby, where he is exhibited regularly.

Fiona Kelly is a wedding photographer based in London, Kent and Surrey.

IMMI photography are based in Kent but cover the whole UK.

A good site covering trad music is Folk and Roots.

Organised Bride - An extensive directory exclusively dedicated to Bridal Services featuring wedding dresses, cakes, stationery, photographers and much more to help you organise your big day.