Planning a ceilidh: the event

How long should the dancing last?

It varies! Ceilidh dancing is an energetic activity, but it can be addictive! Whatever length works best for the event.

As a guide, when the ceilidh is the main event, it might commonly last about three hours including a break.

For weddings, where the ceilidh is only part of the entertainment we find that the guests tend to enjoy an hour or two of dancing. Sometimes for weddings we play for the first part of the evening, then a DJ takes over later.

Don't expect everyone to dance all the time. A good band will give the dancers time to recover as well as keeping the momentum going.

However, all this is just a guide to give you an idea of what commonly happens at ceilidhs - we're happy to fit in with your event.

Requests, First Dance etc

We will choose dances to suit the experience and mood of the guests so that everybody can get involved. If you have any particular requests let us know either in advance or on the night and we'll do our best.

The caller will run the dancing part of the evening, so on the night come over and say "hello" and discuss any last-minute arrangements.

At some weddings, the couple like the first dance to be a special song. We'd be happy to play your iPod or similar through our PA for this but please let us know before the day. Please get it to the band whilst we are setting up, so we check it can play through our PA.

It's a good idea to nominate someone - often the best man at a wedding - to be the main point of contact for the band for the evening and to cover practicalities such as payment, last minute changes etc.

Planing a successful ceilidh


Ceilidhs can be as formal or informal as you like; there's no official dress code.

However, to avoid twisted ankles high heels are best avoided!! For weddings in particular, it's worth letting your guests know that there will be ceilidh dancing as ladies may wish to bring a change of shoes.


Ceilidh dancing is often energetic and your guests (and the band!) will appreciate a break, usually in the middle of the ceilidh.

Your guests may appreciate a light buffet, particularly if there are evening-only guests at a wedding.

Dancing can be thirsty work. If there's a bar, it's best if it's in the same room as the dancing. You could ask the venue to provide jugs of water as well.


When promoting your event, why not include the name of the band?