Planning a ceilidh: the band

A few practicalities...

Planing a successful ceilidh

Access and Parking

We would need parking spaces close to the entrance to unload the heavy PA equipment and musical instruments. If the access route from the parking to the hall is awkward we may need to allow a little extra time to set up; please let us know in advance.

Please ensure that the venue knows we're coming and knows to direct us to the reserved parking spaces for unloading and access to the building. If possible, please let us know the contact number of the duty manager in advance.


We usually require around 1 hour to set up, and we are accustomed to doing this discretely, say when your guests are eating their meal. However, it's often easier if there's an opportunity for the guests to congregate elsewhere when the band's setting up.

If things are running late, we'll do our best to set up as quickly as possible.

Once we've carried in and set up the equipment, we perform a quick sound-check to get the sound balance right. This only takes a few minutes, although the more time we have the better we'll sound!.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss our setting up earlier in the day; although often not possible, this can sometimes be arranged for an additional charge.

Videos and photos

We'd be happy for you and your guests to take photos or video footage of Lochnagar for personal use and we'd love you to share them with us.


Drinks and refreshments for the band are always appreciated!

When to pay

To secure the bookings, we will ask you to pay a deposit in advance.

Please ensure that the band receives the full balance in cash at the start of the night.